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is an alternative student publication focusing on student lead discussions and ideas occuring outside of studio, between disciplines, and along the ramps of Knowlton.



Letter from the Editors

A call was made to consider what it means to work in architecture and what future models of practicing practice could look like.
So, what does it mean to work as an Architect? Documenting through Revit. Switching between multiple softwares. Sketching concepts. Creating schedules. Form making. Conceptualizing city plans. Developing a narrative. Managing teams. Persuading clients. Presenting design ideas. Mentoring. Staring into a computer screen. Filling out timesheets. Link to full text->


Andrew Burik
Brittney Wilson

February 17, 2022

High Maintenance

Letter from the Editors

Contemporary models of maintenance are embroiled within the legacy of the modern project: where maintenance is considered an act of service rather than an act of radical care. A distinction has been made between the building (objects) and the things that preserve its image (maintenance). The building and its upkeep have been separated so that the object is made to be experienced in its conceived form rather than its lived form1, both in its associated labor and the material separation of maintenance operations within the organization of a building or environment. Mechanical rooms, storage closets, and cleaning supplies have been carefully located in discrete locations with even more discrete access points. The lifesize image Link to full text->


Andrew Burik
Matthew Johnson
Cammie Konich
Erin Miller

October 19, 2021


New Realities - Alternative Futures

Letter from the Editors

Our current reality is one of uncertainty. Over the past six months we’ve lost loved ones, employment opportunities, track of time, and faith in humanity We’ve gained anxiety, new hairstyles, hobbies, and a more expansive understanding of the word essential. Workplaces and studios sit empty while bedrooms and kitchens now pull triple duty as spaces of domesticity, home offices, and classrooms. The absence of justice, equity, accountability, and leadership, has shattered people’s realities, and refocused our views on what is truly important. Part of these conversations have been sparked within institutions as we reflect on the question: what is critical to be learning right now? Link to full text ->


Kaitlin Baker
Luke Ciminillo Delamotte
Henry de Leon
Malena Grigoli
Erin Miller
Eric Schultz
Clarisse Wean
Brittney Wilson

October 23, 2020


Knowlton on the Rocks

Letter and Call for Action

The act of design is inherently discriminatory. A series of conscientious decisions that yield preference. The inaugural issue of Knowlton On the Rocks must address, unlearn, and redress the racism and white supremacy that pervades design practice and education, specifically our own.

In support of the Knowlton BIPOC Coalition’s letter to administration which confronts Knowlton’s complicity and calls for immediate systemic change, our first issue will focus on racial inequality, micro and macroaggressions, and white supremacism within Knowlton and the design community at large. Link to full text ->


Eric Schulz and Clarisse Wean
Knowlton BIPOC Coalition
Clarisse Wean with Andre Banerjee
t.f Mahoney
Eric Schulz

September 18, 2020

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