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is an alternative student publication focusing on student lead discussions and ideas occuring outside of studio, between disciplines, and along the ramps of Knowlton.




Letter from the Editors

Ready or not, the semester has be-
gun and is well in swing. Admit-
tedly, we were not ready. Happy belated start to the semester.

Reflecting on our years at Knowl-
ton we agreed that the spring se-
mester is always a bit odd: the weather is cold and dreary, there
are fewer breaks to break up the
time, and it seems to lack much of
the energy of the first semester.

For the first issue of the new year,
we asked students to respond to a simple prompt: Reset. We suggested several elaborations on this theme, by discussing what in
the discipline needs to be reset
in our current times, or offering a
more personal take by describing
anything over the winter break that allowed them the space to reset, however that might mean or look like to each student.

From the prompt we received
quite a variety of responses, from
reflections on how friendships
impact architectural thought to
a critique on the current state of
bathroom design.
We hope you will enjoy Reset, as
well as find the energy needed to get through the semester, beyond just getting through, to really thrive.

Command : Reset
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Maverick Ordonez
Sarah Scotchie
Ben Moody
Joshua Renner
Matthew Johnson

February 01, 2023


Letter from the Editors

What a semester!

If you’re reading this, you’ve
made it alive to final review day. Congratulations! With the release date of this Knowlton on the Rocks issue aligning with reviews
for the school, we asked students
to respond to a simple prompt:
“School.”More specifically, we encouraged students to write about some aspect of architecture school, preferrably relating to Knowlton in some way, and also encouraged
students to look at that aspect
critically. Is this the best it can be?
What is lacking? What would make
Knowlton a better place? These are all questions we encouraged stu-
dents to consider.

There is a range of opinions,
thoughts, and styles represented in these pages, ranging from a da-
ta-driven assessment of studio cul-
ture to a poem embracing Knowl-
ton’s weirdness. We are excited by
the variety and understand that
this is but a small sampling of
the thoughts about architecture
school circulating throughout the

As the day progresses, whether
you’re a fellow student, professor,
faculty, or visiting review juror,
take some time and consider what
these students have to say. And
while at it, we encourage you to
cricitally consider some aspect of
the architectural education. What
would I discuss if I were writing one
of these? What need to change?
How can I be a part of making
Knowlton a better place?

These are all questions we encour-
age you to consider and act on.
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Maverick Ordonez
Varun Gulavane

Matt Johnson
Kelsey Bartalsky
Angel Bautista
Ben Moody
Nathan Fleeger
Dave Kozan

November 22, 2022

What’s on your mind?

Letter from the Editors

The past few years have been challenging – particularly because we have been challenged. On beliefs. Views. Our very way of living and existing.

And all for the better; so we can hope.

What shall remain, though – and this is a call to action within Knowlton and serves as a marked stance for Knowlton on the Rocks, is the ability to listen. Both far political sides of proven woefully incapable of this. My hope is that Knowlton does not model this trend and that conversation continues. I hope that Knowlton can value disagreement. It marks diversity in thought, it shows engagement, and because it means conversations are happening – conversations that need to happen.
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Maverick Ordonez
Ethan Frazier
Ben Moody
Faith Folarain
Dervette Henderson
Matthew Johnson

Aug 22, 2022

Letter from the Editors

A call was made to consider what it means to work in architecture and what future models of practicing practice could look like.
So, what does it mean to work as an Architect? Documenting through Revit. Switching between multiple softwares. Sketching concepts. Creating schedules. Form making. Conceptualizing city plans. Developing a narrative. Managing teams. Persuading clients. Presenting design ideas. Mentoring. Staring into a computer screen. Filling out timesheets. Link to full text->


Andrew Burik
Brittney Wilson

February 17, 2022

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