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Knowlton On The Rocks is the alternative student publication at the Knowlton School of Architecture. It is a platform where students - especially those not given the space or opportunity in studios or classroom settings - can share their ideas, opinions, issues, and demands. Knowlton On The Rocks is a publication for students, by students. It features short essays, editorials, graphics, critiques of events happening within and around Knowlton, as well as personal interests and student life. A digital publication, Knowlton On The Rocks is broadsheet style, "meaning one page double-sided", rather than a multiple page journal like One:Twelve. Additionally, Knowlton On The Rocks is released twice a month so as to feature responses, ideas, and discussions in real time. Submissions can be emailed to knowlton.on.the.rocks@gmail.comInterested in being a part of Knowlton On the Rocks? Apply for a position here. Disclaimer: The opinions published in Knowlton on The Rocks do not reflect those of the Knowlton School of Architecture.

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