ISSUE 5: On My Mind

Letter from the Editors

The past few years have been challenging – particularly because we have been challenged. On beliefs. Views. Our very way of living and existing.

And all for the better; so we can hope.

What shall remain, though – and this is a call to action within Knowlton and serves as a marked stance for Knowlton on the Rocks, is the ability to listen. Both far political sides of proven woefully incapable of this. My hope is that Knowlton does not model this trend and that conversation continues. I hope that Knowlton can value disagreement. It marks diversity in thought, it shows engagement, and because it means conversations are happening – conversations that need to happen.

With our first issue of the new school year, we asked students “What’s on your mind?” Students were encouraged to share thoughts and ideas that had brewing with them over the summer. Thoughts about an internship, summer travel, or dormant ideas that hadn’t had the time or space to be explored during the school year were all what we had in mind.

It has been a long couple of years. I encourage you to stay engaged.


Faith Folarain
Ethan Frazier
Dervette Henderson
Matthew Johnson
Ben Moody
Maverick Ordonez


Matthew Johnson
Ben Moody

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AUG 22 / 2022

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